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Parkinson's Information and Resources

General Information

HealingWell.com Parkinson's Resource Center: Community and information resource site to medical news, informative articles, doctor-produced video webcasts, patient stories, community message boards and chat rooms, books, newsletters, links to related web sites

Medline Plus Health Information: A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. Parkinson's information includes an interactive tutorial explaining anatomy of Parkinson's, symptoms, and treatments.

New York Times Health Guide to Parkinson's Disease An in-depth report on causes, symptoms, treatments, support groups, prognosis complications, among other topics.

Parkinson's Resources on the WWWeb, by the late Murray Charters, a man who had Parkinson's: Everything you wanted to know... but didn't know where to look. Probably the most complete list of resources there is. Murray described them as "Resource URL's and hyper-Links to inform, educate, and entertain Parkinson's patients, caregivers, and family. Examples include FAQ's for the newly diagnosed, online up to the minute news headlines, links for advocates, and links for caregivers." Some links will have expired but the site is still full of good information and links.

Books on Exercise and PD

Delay the Disease - Exercise and Parkinson's Disease (Spiral bound) by David Zid.

Yoga for Movement Disorders: Rebuilding Strength, Balance and Flexibility for Parkinson's Disease and Dystonia by Renée Le Verrier. The author is a stroke survivor who is also living with Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Moving By John Argue

Yoga: A Gentle Way to Exercise and Reduce Stress

Yoga Eases Parkinson's Symptoms for Some: An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discusses the benefits of yoga, especially breathing exercises as a way to help people with Parkinsons.

Yoga and PD by Marie Lennon. A discussion of Yoga and relaxation in PD

Moving On with Parkinson's by Peggy van Hulsteyn: Yoga Journal Article

Websites Owned and Operated by People with Parkinson's

PD Plan for Life Two people with PD created this site to inspire other people with PD to take control of their disease and not just wait around to die. They share their challenges with and triumphs over PD. "Though there is no cure for us today, we can do many things to improve our health and our quality of life while we're waiting for one." Wonderful site!! Enjoy!!

pwnkle's Parkinson's homepage: links to original films, animations, music, and creative writing, all by a very talented lady, Carol Mcleod.

I Never Give Up Follow Jim "Parky" Wetherell as he cycles hundreds of miles to challenge his PD.

No Borders for Parkinsons: Yahoo group with message board

Pipeline Project: The Pipeline's goal is to facilitate the evaluation and approval of new treatments for Parkinson's  disease through the collaboration of Parkinson's patients with researchers and their sponsors. 

Kate Kelsall's Blog "Shake, Rattle and Roll: An insider's view of Parkinson's Disease" Lots of good information and first-hand accounts of dealing with PD and its symptoms. Kate touches on topics such as early warning signs, end-stage Parkinson's, DBS, driving, hospitalization, emotional/psychological aspects of PD.

Online Support for People with Parkinson's

HealingWell's Parkinson's Forum Message Boards and Chat Find others coping with PD, find support and share information.

National Young Onset Center, sponsored by the American Parkinson Disease Association: Be informed. Live Well. Stay Strong.

Parkinson's Chat Room at HealthfulChat: Online Peer Health Support Community


The Search for a Cure: Advocacy and Research Organizations

Michael J. Fox Foundation: Dedicated to developing a cure through an aggressively funded research agenda.

National Parkinson's Foundation: In addition to research, focuses on education of patients, caregivers, and the general public.

National Institutes of Health: Parkinson's Disease Research Web. See what's on the agenda.

Parkinson's Action Network: Advocating for the Parkinson's Disease Community

Parkinson's Disease Foundation- Devoted to education, advocacy, and research

Information on Medications

Parkinson's Disease: Medications, 5th Edition, by David J. Houghton and Howard I. Hurtig, 2014. From the National Parkinson's Foundation. Download a complete manual to medicines used to treat Parkinson's motor and non-motor symptoms, as well as herbs and supplements, and future developments. Note: This is a pdf file that takes a while to load.

Drugwatch.com: A broad database dedicated to educating the public about the details of prescription and over-the-counter medications and associated side effects. Some of the basic Parkinson's drugs are in the database and many are not. It you take medications for other health problems in addition to Parkinson's, this site is worth a visit.

Updated 1/21/13